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Please also take note:

Nowadays there are some sms / call asking u if u need any loan and saying they are LML. And they are targeting those who hve bad credit reports with either bank / LML last time, and those who will have loans approval rejected by most of the LML.

Yes, these calls will direct u to a LML shop and they are operating as LML but they are actually UML feigning as LML. Most of the time, they will start off ur loan at $500 and will be weekly payments for 5 wks. Why they extend for 5 weeks is coz every mth they can only charge u one time late payment of $60 base on MAS regulation and they know u borrow coz u have monetary issue so if u late, they can charge u a good $120 of late fees easily for the term of loan.

However, these ‘LML’ will get really nasty when u have problem paying and it totally resembles an ULM so never borrow or fall into their trap. Worst to start the whole cycle of unrest again.


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