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Actually youíre still wrong. What TransitLink needs when we register is the device account number on the phone which is unique from device to device and different from the physical card number. regardless of whether the card is backed up or synced to iCloud or not, the device account number will be different, re-registration will still be needed. Thus iCloud in this case plays no part in mobile wallet ABT and might cause an even deeper confusion for the consumers.
But you need to have a credit card in your iCloud before you can have the DPAN assigned isnít it? I think it is malicious of you to suddenly reframe the question to your advantage out of the blue, when the original question was just having CEPAS card in oneís ABT account enough for one to start using his iPhone X to tap for transit. Thereís no need to assert that one is right or wrong, you just answer me, is that what the original question posed, yes or no?

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