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Please also take note:

Nowadays there are some sms / call asking u if u need any loan and saying they are LML. And they are targeting those who hve bad credit reports with either bank / LML last time, and those who will have loans approval rejected by most of the LML.

Yes, these calls will direct u to a LML shop and they are operating as LML but they are actually UML feigning as LML. Most of the time, they will start off ur loan at $500 and will be weekly payments for 5 wks. Why they extend for 5 weeks is coz every mth they can only charge u one time late payment of $60 base on MAS regulation and they know u borrow coz u have monetary issue so if u late, they can charge u a good $120 of late fees easily for the term of loan.

However, these ‘LML’ will get really nasty when u have problem paying and it totally resembles an ULM so never borrow or fall into their trap. Worst to start the whole cycle of unrest again.

Indeed, this is happening. It's really not loan shark but Loan Scam.

In fact, if you receive any ads that can say can lend you money. Basically it's all a lie and illegal.
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