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A bit off topic but did anyone try using surfshark in China? I'm just curious if it works and if it does, how well.

A bit old news but it seems to work in China but not fast. It may or may not work in China now since GFW evolves pretty fast.

From.what I gathered from various websites:

Updated on 31 Dec 2018

1) VPN vendors consistently working in China well over the years are limited.

Express VPN
Nord VPN
Astrill VPN
Vypr VPN
2) Sometimes working sometimes not working
Pure VPN (most of time should work)
Hotspot Shield Elite (most of time should work).

3) Usually not working in China:
Private Internet Access

Edit to add:
4) VPN which is working now

Turbo VPN (tested the free version in Dec 2018 and with decent speed)


Seed4Me (tested in Dec 2018, works but slow)

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