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Whatever telco/mnvo up lorry, how it bother you as consumer?
Depends on the carrier.

If it's MNOs (excluding TPG), it'll affect too many customers. Even though rivals may see huge increase in customer base and profitability, the influx is too big till the networks will probably be beyond the capacity for quite some time.

Even if it's just the third rank carrier M1 shutting down, it'll affect about 2.2 million customers in total. In percentage, it's around 20-25% of the national population. It's smaller than the two larger operators, but it's still a big portion.

However, if it's MVNOs and TPG that's shutting down, impact will be lesser. MVNOs will probably move back to the MNOs, but because of the no contract nature of those plans, they may have to switch to the MNOs plans within a certain period if not will face line termination.

If it's TPG, the customer base would probably be so small that the Big Three can easily take them without capacity constraints. But as expected, they have to switch to the Big Three plans instead.

And by then, the plans would definitely go back up in price.

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