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Yup, the wallet button was there quite some time ago but I did not bother until I received the 红包 and my account linked to SG number.
I see. Thanks for the info.

Your experiences triggered me to try again with another WeChat account linked to SG mobile number which has no wallet function enabled.

I sent RMB1 to this WeChat account and it triggered identity verification. Again I add the SG credit card and after adding it still complaints that I need to add a mainland issued bank card to receive Ang Bao.

So I think that’s it, failed again. But to my surprise the wallet function is now enabled. First hurdle cleared.

Since I cannot top up by receiving WeChat 红包 or 转账 from other accounts, I use my previously found trick — use 二维码收款 and again the trick works again.

Haha I got one more WeChat Wallet with RMB inside. Nice.
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