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Chat with Circle Life

Chat started: 2018-12-31 07:00 AM UTC

(07:00:05 AM) Alex Ong: Does $0 plan include free roaming?
(07:00:10 AM) Circles.Life: Don't miss out! We'll be giving you $120 bill waiver if you transfer your post-paid number to Circles.Life! Promo valid for a limited time only! Meanwhile, one of our Happiness Experts will be here shortly.
(07:00:51 AM) *** Majah joined the chat ***
(07:00:54 AM) Majah: Thanks for reaching out, Alex Ong! Nice to meet you! I'm Majah, your dedicated Happiness Expert.
(07:00:56 AM) Majah: Good afternoon
(07:01:04 AM) Majah: I hope you're doing great today and Happy New Year!
(07:01:16 AM) Alex Ong: same to you.
(07:01:34 AM) Majah: Our Flexi plan is simply a free plan and no roaming service so you can only use this inside SG
(07:01:54 AM) Alex Ong: ok thanks
(07:02:29 AM) Majah: Not a problem. Is there anything else that I can help you with, Alex
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