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Actually, I am not familiar with wechat all this complicated/confusing topping up is it due to we are unable to fund payment from our cards directly when using WeChat pay? Hence we need balance in the wallet for payment? And I recalled seeing somewhere regarding the 1000 limit?
Yes exactly we can not pay directly from the bank account so we can only pay by the balance. We can not top up the balance through the Singapore bank card so we have to use all kind of tricks.

I used to be able to find offcial Tecent websites mentioning the following. But I can not find by google now, only 3rd party site. I think Point 1 is a moot point now (monthly limit of 1000RMB) because you are supposedly to have linked a China bank card to use WeChat China Wallet.

The following URL is about WeChat Ang Bao but I think it is the same for paying the street vendors with the balance.






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