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Just FYI, I found a photo on my phone which has the original maintenance fee the the agent showed us: "Est $8 / Share". They also said that it is quite low comparing to other condos. But now, the maintenance fee is ~$11.7 per share, which is 40%+ more than what they told us. And apparently, it is higher comparing to other condos, according to your discussions. LOL.
Not sure if it will helpful but I feel that we should at least bring this up to the developer or whoever is in charge when we have a chance.
This is the difficult part, it is what the agent said.
it is not a promise or a guarantee. and the contract does not includes the actual sum for the maintenance.

At most the property dev will just push the agency to swallow this mistake that was caught by you. This might be a good chance to get some freebies for you

The next best thing to do is to actually scrutinise the financial report of the MA accounts for NPR. At the end of the day the sum collected has to be returned to the newly formed condo’s management council.

of course there might be a chance for the MA to fatten their associate's wallet thru overpriced services.

Just gotta be alert and prudent.
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