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Yes. We all went thru the same ordeal. Some had it longer some were shorter. Some only had virtual harassment while some had runners coming down to their house. It all depends on your luck and also what kind of LS you get la. You need to learn how to let it go *insert frozen song*.
We dont anyhow say things you know, all of us had our fair share of harassment. if I haven't been in this situation and someone I know was stuck with LS, I would definitely have told them to pay up fearing for their safety. Since I experienced it first hand, I would know how to address the issue properly and calmly if someone were to ask me.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Be strong okay guys.

On the side note, today is suppose to be my due day for my 2nd LS but nothing from him, hopefully all goes on well. Pray for me too guys!
Good luck sis I will pray for u ... btw how many LS u have ... after i really count i have about 10 ... today got 4 Ls due ... my sister just got a call from them saying will come to my house ....
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