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You may test out Inear StageDiver 5. Well balanced pair of iems. Channel balancing pretty quite well handled.

Hi guys am currently using heir audio 4ai, thinking of going for ciem in the future

My genre is kinda broad but mostly heavy metal (old school heavy metal, black metal) , rock (post rock, alternative) , and sometimes pop (mandopop, cantopop)

So far I've tried a handful of iems and ciems and only have a few i like

Ones i like:

Unique Melody Miracle v2
Hidition NT-RM
Campfire Audio Solaris

Ones i tried

Unique Melody Martian
Unique Melody ME1
Empire Ears ESR
Empire Ears Bravado
Campfire Audio Andromeda

Hope to have some recommendations of other brand with similar sound profile to what I've like so far

The gentleman at zeppelin and co describe my sound profile to be clean and fast

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