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compiled timeline

Dec 11 - A dog got cremated by Mobile Pet Cremation Services
Dec 12 - Pika collected in bad condition (stay Dec 8 - 12)
Dec 16 - Prince got sent in (stay Dec 16 - Jan 10)

Dec 18 - Whisky's owner got message from PDC to send vet as it cannot walk (stay Dec 9-20). Collected in bad condition.

Dec 22 9.30am - Footage of Prince recorded (timestamp checked by owner after suspicious of dec 23 video)
Dec 23 9.30pm - Footage of Prince sent to owner

Dec 24 - A dog got mass cremated by Mobile Pet Cremation Services
Dec 25 - A dog got individually cremated by Mobile Pet Cremation Services
Dec 25 - Glacier collected in bad condition (stay Dec 18-25). Glacier's owner spotted cremation man outside.
Dec 25 - Sparky head trapped in gate, not freed by PDC. Chained Dogs Awareness was alerted.

Dec 26 - PDC staff texted QQ/Louis's owner about QQ's condition. Louis collected by owner's brother. QQ sent to vet. QQ died 7 hours later
Dec 26 - "LS" got collected by owner in laosai condition (stay Dec 12 - 26)

Dec 28 - Sparky reunited with owner ( claimed by Chained Dogs Awareness )

Dec 29 1.10pm - AVA raid

Dec 29 - Toby freed by Jennifer Chua. Dog not hers but her client's.
[Theng Wei Gan They removed the unlicensed ones. Licensed ones can only be removed with owners’ authorization.]

Dec 30 7am - Random dog ran out of house. "A lady and a guy was seen chasing but left without securing it. " Dog collected from SPCA by owner on Dec 31

Dec 30 1.30pm -2pm - Charlotte texted Prince's owner AVA broke in left gate open and one big dog and Prince ran out. C said she not present at scene.
Dec 31 - AVA raid. By 3pm, all animals had been removed from the premises. By night, AVA update 18 dogs and a rabbit were found during the raid on Monday and an earlier one on Saturday. Neighbours whom Yahoo News Singapore spoke to on Monday said they also witnessed “two dogs and a small cage” being removed from the premises by a woman, said to be the operator of Platinium, at 3am and 8am, respectively.

Jan 2 - Car Accident outside house.

QQ, Pika, Whisky, Glacier:
Random dog:

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