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If I'm not wrong if you're pregnant during yr contract stint, u will still get yr maternity leave benefits - u will be paid while on maternity lv BUT if u are in NIE & started yr PGDE course & u get pregnant & need to go on maternity, u will be on no pay leave & may have to repeat the whole course, it depends on when u go for maternity, eg if end of term 1 then I guess u will have cleared term 1 already but again I may be wrong. I recall during the start of our PGDE briefing, the Asst Dean of PGDE course were saying that ladies who intend to go on maternity, pls consult his office to discuss the timing as trainees will be place on NoPayLv & this will hv an impact on both yr studies (graduation) as well as yr finances.

So better to go on maternity during yr contract as u will be covered.
To confirm this, u may want to email Asst Dean of PGDE programme Dr Eddie Chong <>
Thank you so much for the information! This is extremely helpful! 😊😊
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