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Sorry to dig this from the graveyard but I find it very helpful.

Telegram got tons of free SSR servers.. I just connected a few from japan servers and works great from SG. Anyone from China can try this to test?

For those who want to use these Free *SSRs,

1. Download Potatso lite for IOS/android or SSR for windows (

2. Copy any one of the SSR URLs in Telegram group ( Choose the latest one as the old ones might had been banned by China GFW.

3. Paste it in the SSR program and run it.

For those who are new in this term SSR, I suggest you google it. It's almost similar to VPN, which will also bypass China GFW.
Just to add, I think it is worth to pay for Shadowrocket under iOS. I myself paid for it before my trip to China last month.

There is also official shadowsock client for Android. I like Shadowrocket more.

Telegram group is popular place to get feed on the free SS server.

For my short trip to China last month, I use free VPN like Turbo VPN and Seed4Me to have access to the following site and then use the free SSR URL from the site.

The URL usually works, I mainly used US and SG servers. They are short lived so you will have to change every day.

For long term stay in China, it may be worth paying for both a traditional VPN like and an SSR server provider.

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