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I am not sure what Singtel would do if any thing. It is such a large company I don't know who or what department would handle these things. Getting Singtel attention is a challenge by itself. Getting someone there to listen to your story is a challenge.
File a claim with the small claims court seems like the best way if you have a receipt. Pay $10 filing fee and do it online. The merit of your case depends on whether you bought it before or after 26-11-2018. Before this date it was legal to sell this. After this date all the court says is the ISP would block the apps. How you argue that you are entitle to a refund and what the court decide remains to be seen.
Thanks for the trouble of explaining the steps. Seller did not issue me a receipt is one way to strengthen they're a fraud. I only have NETS payment receipt. While the selling is legal, they're selling a faulty product. You pay for Coke and got black coffee. One way of making corporate honchos stand to attention is when that feedback came from a staff with an office bearing a foreign coat of arms. Singtel will most probably direct me to their in house counsel or the CAD as there appears to be IP rights issues. Small Claims sounds good but maybe that'll blow my cover where I'll be identified sight and sound. I don't need the refund. I intend to slap the seller with a message that his heydays are numbered
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