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Windscribe like not bad. I tried the 10gb version. Anyone with experience with it? I saw ppl saying that there's like netflix dedicated servers also.

I also see stacksocial got lifetime promo for it, legit or not?
I only tried the free version and in my experiences it works fine for iOS (iPhone 6S) but the Android client sometimes does not work (Huawei P20).

I do not use Netflix myself. But speed is decent even for a round trip back to SingTel with their LA server.

8.48 Mbps download and 9.39Mbps upload.

It is pretty good for the free version that I can choose from quite some servers.

And the report here says it is working for Netflix.

StackSocial deal is legitimate but I read somewhere life time means 5 years expired date in the VPN world. But 5 years in the VPN world seems very long already.
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