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Thanks for the trouble of explaining the steps. Seller did not issue me a receipt is one way to strengthen they're a fraud. I only have NETS payment receipt. While the selling is legal, they're selling a faulty product. You pay for Coke and got black coffee. One way of making corporate honchos stand to attention is when that feedback came from a staff with an office bearing a foreign coat of arms. Singtel will most probably direct me to their in house counsel or the CAD as there appears to be IP rights issues. Small Claims sounds good but maybe that'll blow my cover where I'll be identified sight and sound. I don't need the refund. I intend to slap the seller with a message that his heydays are numbered
Yes I can see you have very strong feelings about this matter.
Yes you see this as a crime committed by the seller on you.
If the CAD or Singtel do not take action and Small Claims is not good enough for you then I presume you would need to hire a lawyer to file a civil suit in the court.
I think an honest lawyer would tell you that claiming for punitive damages is a very high bar and a very expensive exercise.
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