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Just sharing my experience on the setup for the starhub fiber tv.

My setup requirements:
1/ wiring closet where the fiber box and ONT is
2/ living room where needs a fiber tv and a AP1 (double up as the wifi router)
3/ master bedroom needs a fiber tv and AP2 (for coverage)
4/ bedroom2 with just AP3 (for coverage)

Living room, master bedroom and bedroom2 all have single network point (RJ45) and all these terminate into the wiring closet
(done during the last renovation before fiber TV existed)

1/ Using a pair of switches that are VLAN capable (TP-link 105E)
2/ Switch1 install in the wiring closet
3/ Switch2 install in the master bedroom

1/ Switch1
a. Port1 goes to Port2 of ONT (for fiber TV)
b. Port2 goes to LAN Port1 of AP1
c. Port3 goes to bedroom2
d. Port4 goes to the network point to master bedroom
e. Port5 goes direct to the fiber TV in the living room

VLAN configuration for Switch1:
-vlan1091 (starhub TV) : port1,4,5; tagged
-vlan200 (internet): port2,3 untagged, port4 tagged

2/ AP1 connections:
- WAN port goes to port1 of ONT (internet)
- LAN port1 goes to Switch1 port2

3/ Switch2 (master bedroom)
a. Port1 goes to fiber TV
b. Port2 goes to WAN Port of AP2
c. Port3 unused
d. Port4 unused
e. Port5 connect the switch1 (as trunk port, carrying tagged traffic for fiber tv and internet)

VLAN configuration for Switch2:
-vlan1091 (starhub TV) : port1,5; tagged
-vlan200 (internet): port2,3 untagged, port5 tagged

4/ AP2 connections (master bedroom):
- WAN port goes to port2 of switch2 (internet)

5/ AP3 connections (bedroom2):
- WAN port goes to port3 of switch1 (internet)

How it works: internet goes from port1 of the ONT (untagged traffic) goes to WAN port of the AP1 (where NAT takes place)
AP1 then aggregates traffic from the switch1 and switch1 carries traffic from bedroom2 and master bedroom
For the fiber TV, it is all tagged traffic, so it comes from port2 of the ONT and goes to the living room fiber TV box and the switch2 (via tagged) to the other fiber TV box in the master bedroom
In the master bedroom, the switch2, gets all the tagged traffic (both fiber tv and internet), and switched the vlan1091 to the port1 for fiber tv and switched to untagged vlan200 towards the AP2

Other points to note:
a/ IGMP snooping is not required. Pls disable. It is not required as it is purely L2 multicast
b/ Firmware of the 105e may need to upgrade/update to get the vlan1091 switched properly. I had to troubleshoot using the mirror function to find that the multicast traffic wasn't replicating between the two tagged ports
c/ if you are using windows PC (windows10) for troubleshooting VLANs, pls make sure your NIC card is configured with promiscuous mode activated (by default it is disabled). you need to tweak your registry.
And to see the traffic you need the Wireshark application and connect your PC to the mirror port on the 105e switch. And then you can see the tagged traffic
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