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you should have "advance memory settings" under MIT. everything wrt memory settings is under that page

if you cant set memory timing using manual, try...

disabled xmp (not required based on personal experience)
set the desired system memory multiplier
switch to manual timings and then set timings that are "normal" for ddr4-2933

then... go to advance voltage settings and make sure dram voltage is 1.35V
Bro, I got it solved. I kinda noob haha, changing the values in bios actually uses the + and - keys. Happen I have a Z77 gigabyte board that I saw the key menu. The bios of this board never show anything and so I just test test and got it to change.

I manually set to 3200Mhz with 1.35V. Should I lower the voltage?

Btw the 2400G is using 2GB itself as the bios is set auto. Is it ok to set lower?
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