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From my understanding, PE Teacher needs to take up additional 1 or 2 subjects apart from PE.

PE teacher is best position as MOE teacher

Same pay as other subject teachers

Got better chance of doing projects becoz that takes a lot of time and seriously, only PE teacher got time after school everyday

All other subjects, teacher need to spend a lot of time to do marking and lesson planning, admin etc

PE lesson planning is much more straightforward, mainly to gather equipment and settle logistics

While Mgmt will of course do their magic and ensure that all teachers put in a lot of work to be worth their monthly salary, performance bonus and year end 13th month

Still, PE teacherís workload is less stressful than other subject teachers

Likewise, art and music teachers are the same as PE teachers

Thatís why teachers who resign are mostly English, Math and Science teachers

If mother tongue teachers resign, they do it becoz they have better income giving enrichment or tuition classes
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