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Ya, SSR super low. The 3 SSR, 2 got due to event % increase, another one by competing an event. I'm lv 32 currently and did at least 8 - 10 x10 rolls.
Anyway playing as a means to prepare for the EN release. Hope they would be so low rates.

I am still Lv 29... suay... pulled dupe Luna. She is really the weakest SSR in the beginning. But heard that she is good late in the game as 'Princess team' activator.

Just got Sherry yesterday from the 7 day starter event. She is awesome. Better than Luna flyer any time. I changed my Luna to mounted archer the moment I have Sherry.

This game is good in the sense that strategy still take precedence. Poor moves will still kill SSR. Some SRs are powerful also, like the botak and queen (of the 4 imperial generals).
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