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tried out the app on my phone. It is good, but lacking live channels on documentaries (National Geo, Animal Planet, BBC, Discovery)
I wonder if there is any app to show these documentaries?

I wonder how is the Unblocktech Ubox live channels going. Any idea where to view to test it out? I see that there is a shop at Clementi Mall selling Ubox.

If I get the Mi BOX S. What other app is good please?
(legally approved by China or not is ok)

I saw this kylintv app (which M1 is also selling). All Chinese channels, and already $15 per month. Might as well get Starhub Go Box.
No comments on KylinTV.

For the few documentay channels you mentioned like National Geography and Discovery, the only legitimate way I know of now is to subscribe to SingTel TV or Starhub TV.

I will not touch Unblock Tech box because its live TV program UBTV is officially deemed as illegal in Singapore and the high court has already ordered ISPs to block it. Even though there is known workaround for the ISP block, I will not touch it myself.

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