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Hi Wind77,

Yes, that's right.
The just-launched SXFI Air supports BT and wired connection.
The upcoming SXFI Theatre will use a low-latency wireless connection by way of a wireless adaptor (in essence, Wi-Fi).

The G933 also uses simulated virtual audio and only has a single driver in each earcup.

For the SXFI Theater and to the extent the entire SXFI range of products, including their Amp - the goal is to re-create audio as though you hear it from speakers in a room/hall/theater/etc. but through your headphones. Yes, it's simulated too, but the key difference is how it tries to simulate virtual audio.

The SXFI experience is unfortunately difficult to grasp unless you've had a real-life demo at the Creative HQ. This is because you need to have a reference as to how real multi-channel audio sounds like in a room and then compare how well the SXFI product tries to emulate it.

I've not personally tried the G933 Logitech headset, but I've tried other virtual surround sound headsets and if you were to ask me who does a better job, I feel the SXFI experience does it better. Notice I mention SXFI in general and not this particular headset.

The ultimate combination is to get a SXFI Amp + headphones of your choice. The SXFI headphones are just one product solution, but the experience is only constricted to this headset, for which you must like it first and of course the headset.

So the better way is to get standalone headphone and SXFI Amp to get the best of both worlds.

Hope this info helps.

Hi, Vijay.

Am I right that the SXFI Air Theater differs from SXFI Air by the wireless connectivity, ie. wireless USB adaptor vs. BT 4.2?
And I presume it does not have dedicated drivers for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound channels?
So the surround effects u mentioned, they are virtual effect?
And if you have tried Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset, how do the 2 fare against each other?
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