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Hi guys, i need ur advice. I made an enquiry thru message. They said they were legal. My mistake for not checking. Sent them my details. I told dem i needed time to decide. And the next thing i kno, they trf me 400 n told me to trf back 400. I did the trf for the case to close... Yesterday whole day i have sent them mo ey all beecause i was promised that if i trf then o ly i can get refunded... Finally was told i will get back all my money if i close my case by sending 3k.dat was the last. I told my wife wat happened... Cldnt help but to break down...
Made a report yesterday n blocked numbers.
As for my case i havent take a single cent frm them.
Will i still get harressed.
Reading ur foru. Is making me feel better. But im still scared... Havent slept till last nite....
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