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Thanks for your reply mak. Juat praying they dun do any first ever of such encounter. Will never forget.... So far 2nd day aldy... Only yesterday received few unknown call...

Hi Low Point.
You didnt get any $$ from them right? Move on with your life. They will harass definitely, why? Because this LS feed on our fear. Fear of losing face, fear of people ard us knowing, fear on losing a job and etc. They know you're scared hence they will try their every ways to get more $$ from you. Cause 1st and foremost, you already paid them $3k. That shows your fear. Take the neccessary steps. I'm sure you read thru the thread right? Just be wary and stop all contact with them. They will still harass cause they want to try their luck. Be firm and ignore them. Since you dont owe them, they wont do much but just harass you over the phone. Just dont allow their threats get to you emotionally and mentally. Be strong okay.

Good luck bro!
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