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My end is very quiet and I'm trying very much to move on with life.

My advice is all the rest here also the same, put your cctvs in place (police can provide even), capture evidence if any harassment happens, that's the least we can do to help arrest runners. (Just for those new here, runners could also be victims, arresting them is GOOD for them, else they are just chalking up charges, the punishment is very very high, more lives ruined)

And as the police advised, if you ever see suspicious people or ever feel unsafe, call 999 immediately.
Thats great news. Mine nothing happened yet. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Yes, I 2nd that. Those runners should be arrested. Esp those that are debtors, that is their only way to finally escape from the LS. Stay vigilant and always be mentally prepared of the worst. Hopefully all will end soon for everyone here.
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