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hi i would like to seek answers about legal money lender

my whole family is not on good terms with my father but he is still staying in the house thats why we wont help him with is debt as he is irresponsible and a violent drunk.

my father owes a legal money lender firm 2k and he dont want to pay them, the firm has issued a warning letter that if he dont pay up soon they will have to make legal actions against him, will that impact the whole family or will the legal actions only affect him?

sorry for the grammer.
Hi Toiletmaster,

I am not too sure of what kind of legal actions will be taken or who will be affected. But I do know if he dont start paying, debt collectors will definitely come up your house and eventually workplace. And also, if he is the owner of the house, they may siezed it.

Why dont you talk to someone from the helpline provided. Get experts opinion on how you guys can settle this. I know your family are not in good terms with your dad, but the outcome of not paying will affect you guys in a way or another.

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