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I wonder what I encounter below is unusual or what?

Was using M1 supplied RT-AC1200G+ & could get Network speed at 866Mbps from my phone S7 5Ghz band.

Bought RT-AC88U expecting better speed but was dismal to find only 433Mbps with the same phone S7 5Ghz band.

Both routers setting are at default & with firmware latest. Cable from WAN is cat7. Measuring distance & time all same.

My M1 is FIBRE 1Gbps plan.

What could be the problems? Another dud AC88U?

Hope some seniors here can enlighten. Thanks
This case is solved & closed.
Just want to say thanks to Avertek counter staff for their professional service.

I have requested to test my phone on a older model AC66, he promptly went in to check stock availability. Out he comes with it ! Impressed.
Requested too for him to show me the LAN speed of my AC88 & this too ,he did.

Thank you & sorry forgotten you name. A Chinese chap with spec.
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