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Dear Vijay,

I'm pretty much confused now.

Before your article was published, I read from that Logitech G430 features real surround and not virtual. In fact, all the 8 headphones published there were tagged as "real surround". Of course, after checking Logitech website, there was no description on the number of drivers, size, and responding frequencies. I could only found 1 single driver being featured, yet it was marketed as 7.1 surround sound.

And luckily you confirmed that even G933 is using virtual surround, not true surround.

If you were to buy a headphone/earphone based on the following requirements, what would u buy?
1. maximum isolation from environmental noise
2. comfort for long wear (8 hr+)
3. wireless (8 hr+)
4. for music listening and movie watching, not for gaming.
5. preferably true surround sound 5.1 or 7.1

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