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Now i have 2 loan scam....1st loan scam is 1 say do simple transcation and will get my loan...1st i do online $500....then he say cannot online transfer and must do cash deposit...after that he transfer $300 and ask me after 5 day cash deposit $ that day coming...he say he didnt have bank account and ask me do defer $150 to he..and wait more 5 day...2nd loan scam is i find online fir installment phone...he ask me all work permit and adderes house and phone of kin.....i gv all already and night time i found that suddenly have $300 transfer to my bank account...i ask why it is transfer to my account...he say is company rules and i transfer 3 times $100 and 1 times $450...i already transfer $300 and $450 i feeling dont wan transfer he say if i dont pay will call my supervisor and my father....and also will call MOM to find me...i need guys advise...i really dont know what to do now....pls someone help me....if can meet i stay at BEDOK...

I got the same loan scam with you as the phone installment one. He also transfer me $300 and ask me to pay $150 for defer one week later. After he got worse, 5 days later ask me defer den 2 days later.... I have made a stupid mistake. Transferred him about 1.7k. I also same as you... scared tat he call my NOK and my office. But it got worse... After making so much money to him, he still wan me to pay $2.2k to close case. I have decided to tell my NOK and make a police report and blocked them... I made my police report on 25/12. Till now, I only received one threaten msg from them and they also make calls to me but i blocked all private numbers. My NOK receive calls asking if he wanted to loan. Got one even say his name out.

Go make police report, block their numbers and close your bank account.

All the bros and sis here will give u the same advice. Fight with them... Tell your father and supervisor that you got scam.
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