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Thanks Kenny, phuturz and Vijay.

The first 3 criteria are a must.

I am currently using Shure 535 with a BT adapter.
However, I'm facing few problem with it:
a. the BT cable is causing problem with my skin
b. no surround effect when watching movies - and majority of my movies are either 5.7 or 7.1 ch.
c. noise insulation only shields out 40% of noise (when not listening to Shure) and 85% noise (when Shure is in use).
d. lag in audio transmission (BT v4.1), and system slow down.

I have been searching around, and initially I thought 5.1 true surround or 7.1 true surround doesn't exist too.
Then the article on said there were true surround headsets in the market.
But from Vijay's reply, I think it is just technically impossible to achieve that.
I'm not considering a true 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system due to space constraint and environmental noise.
Wired earphone/headphone also not considered, due to seating distance and constant moving around (unless it has 2.4m length of cable).
But if getting a wired earphone, I might as well get a 2.4m length of pure silver cable to pair with my Shure 535?

I've not tried noise cancellation tech before, and my last impression is that: it doesn't work wonder.
I'm not sure how Sony WH-1000XM3 improves noise cancellation tech, hopefully it is something worth looking at now?

So, to sum it out:
1. I'm more of a natural sound, more to vocal, less on bass and treble.
2. maximum isolation from environmental noise (this is a must)
2. comfort for long wear (8 hr+)
3. preferably wireless (8 hr+) - can be radio or BT.
4. for music listening and movie watching, not for gaming.
5. true surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 (preferably)
6. budget around 600.

I'll definitely take a look at Sony WH-1000XM3.
NAD VISO HP70... I dunno if i can find it easily in local store?

If you have other recommendations worthy to match Shure 535 in headset form, with better noise insulation/cancellation, pls let me know.
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