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Challenger Bugis has some speakers for testing:

Look at how much space Logitech MX Sound takes up... Slightly wider than R1010BT yet has a puny woofer, very inefficient use of space

Shop is too wide and too noisy to test bass extension and volume, so can't tell whether the Luna ($269 btw) has as good bass as iLoud. It is certainly bigger than iLoud tho. But despite how big the chassis looks compared to the woofer / faceplate, it is still slightly smaller than 3" bookshelves, tho not by much. iLoud: 90mm width, Luna: 122mm width, CR3: 140mm width, AV32: 130mm width.

Speaking of iLoud, it's on discount for around $325 now

The two Edifier speakers have vastly different sounds. Luna reminds me of Audioengine A2. Which is the type of tuning I prefer. Warmish with lots of upper-bass (to compensate for lack of lower-bass). R1010BT sounds very wide, or the "lots of air" kind of sound, or the "is this thing having the correct phase?" kind of sound. It also shares the sound of R2000DB of having low amount of lower-midrange. So now I'm convinced this sound is a design choice.

Also, the size of R1010BT is cute.

The leftmost speaker is the KEF EGG (Yes all caps, according to the official name). The one with 4.25" Uni-Q.
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