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U all agree mlbb is heavily depend on team mates?
Recently knew some good players through rank games
They will provide assists promptly when u kenna ganked
They won't steal kill when u farm
U request for backup they will come
Their map awareness is good
They are good in positioning when initiate team fights
Many times other random players engage team fights in disadvantageous positions when they should retreat
Most importantly they have great team work
we started playing. I had winning steaks with them.
Before this i would lose win lose win with random players
Just now i dont believe in this theory
Went to match up with random team mates
My team

As timer count down, to 5,4,3,2,1
This vexana "i want to use vexana. 15 matches wr 56%"

Needless to say lost

Another match is my 2 of my team mates died left me and 2 others
Already late game and going to win
We destroyed all their middle terrects and even attacked their base til left 1/4 hp
These 2 went to attack lord themselves when the enemy all alive
Needless to say opponent steal kill Lord and eliminated these 2 pig team mates
It cost us the game

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