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Now i have 1 more loan scam.... 1 say do simple transcation and will get my loan...1st i do online $500....then he say cannot online transfer and must do cash deposit...after that he transfer $300 and ask me after 5 day cash deposit $ that day coming...he say he didnt have bank account and ask me do defer $150 to he..and wait more 5 day...what should i do now before that day coming and ask again
1st thing is.. After we saw the amount we need to pay back we know or thought they are LS, some of them agree to pay because no choice (but some of them not agree *I not agree and deny*)

2nd is... After agree and want to clear loan after 5 days, they just want defer so from there then know that they are scam.

Face LS can stop, but face scams how to stop,

If want to ask me how to stop the problem with LS my answers is pay and pay and pay.sorry if my answer is not so right but if pay you can stop if they are just real LS, they let you close account anytime and won't disturb if they got correct amount from you.

But with loan scams, pay no use. That all

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