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gm and below alot of players only want to play mm so its quite common to have 3 mm in one team. sometimes even 4 mm. best part is they always pick miya, layla or bruno and become hardcore feeders.

the article is quite true as most picked fighters are always alucard, sun or zilong even though there are better choices and they always end up as hardcore feeders.

if you play mm, almost everyone will keep asking you to stay in midlane and not roam even though the mid is always full of enemies. tank or fighters don't protect and help you farm. random teammates will keep stealing the jungle near mid and last hit the minions at mid.

if you roam and try to gank they will scold vulgarities at you in indonesian

now i don't even bother trying to win the game unless the random teammates are good. only play for fun and test new heroes.
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