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First of all if you are tricked into a phone installment scam, then there is nothing for you to be afraid of... Provided u have the prove that u never mentioned that u want to borrow and As long as u can prove its a installment scam. U should be fine with MOM.

Second... Stop paying... Start ignoring.
Most importantly... Make ur social media accounts are private or deactivate it.... They can get picture of u or families there to use against you.

I belived you have informed your NOK.
What about ur work place?

Im curious... Did the loan scam person send you this screen shot?
Honestly, I have loan with money lender too, and one time I miss my payment so they call me and talking to me like loan Shark,and ask me "you want to pay or not if not pay I will sent everything to mom send you go back, your boss pay you late is not my problem if you not pay I will sent someone to your house" I still remember all words and I just laugh to him, he still dare to ask me that I dare to laugh?

The truth is my phone got recording all words he talk to me and I know loan from money landers is legal (but may be he work for ah long before so he forgot where he is at moment).

Next day, call form them again but talk super polite and ask me to inform him the date I can pay or els just pay little bit by little bit also can.

Now I have paid for them finish and didn't get back to them again, because anyway its not good to hear anybody shouting to rude like that right?

I still keep the recording on my phone because they use their office phone to call me. And still have some of moneylenders talk rude but not so much and I still keep.

Keep for what?
May be one day can use... Hehehe
Anyway I try to pay them lah, sometime late but still pay never run.

Now all off them is last payment, but will be last forever, I promise myself will not take any loan anymore. Hopefully I can settle them soon.
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