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First of all if you are tricked into a phone installment scam, then there is nothing for you to be afraid of... Provided u have the prove that u never mentioned that u want to borrow and As long as u can prove its a installment scam. U should be fine with MOM.

Second... Stop paying... Start ignoring.
Most importantly... Make ur social media accounts are private or deactivate it.... They can get picture of u or families there to use against you.

I belived you have informed your NOK.
What about ur work place?

Im curious... Did the loan scam person send you this screen shot?
Agree, I keep everything to protect myself, I know one day all of evidence will help me.

Before you block them or report pls don't forget to screenshot and save.

If you phone don't have recorders just try to get it.all evidence will help you one day.
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