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Got the Audio Technica ATH-CKR7TW for around $250 from Stereo.

Good deal using discount coupons from Q0100.

Great soundstage.
Excellent for pop or mainstream music.
Not so detail as Seinnheiser true wireless. Acoustic.
Loud, some wireless buds volume are very soft.
AptX. I feel it is a must for any wireless buds.

If you are using this for YouTube. You will be disappointed.
Latency is obvious. (Voice and video don't synch well).
Some phones auto corrects this issue. Samsung etc.
Please test in stores first if YouTube is essential to you.
I have other wired Bluetooth senn cx 7.0bt for that.

I use Sony DAP.
Just curious, the DAC is done after the signal is passed via Bluetooth right? It is done at the earbud right? In that case, why use a Sony DAP?

Or is there something I'm missing out.

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