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Bro. I lost track of cases.
Have you ever reported to police about scam ?
If yes , no need make again la.

In my case I didnt , because I did not want to jeopardize my loan shark . They ok with me.

Its the scam fxxkers who are scums . It seemed that scam faakers triggered their database and my ahlong were alerted. Thats how I know they somehow subscribed to a database.

Listen to our bros/sis here.
Dont fxxk care about scam .
For me, I got scam I tell loan Shark let them know got scam distroy their bisiness let shadow and shadow fight. How many number of scam calling me I keep and send to loan Shark, NBGB you understand this words right? You f*** me right? I f*** you back,one day sure can see who more scary. LS or scam.

They push us to corner right? No choice, what ever can make ourselves got feeling safe just do it.

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