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Good question. I honestly dont think they know each other perse. Nobody wants their profile to be revealed especially to competitor. They have their own workers.
I am pretyy sure they(all the sharks uml) pay subscription to gain access to the database.They( all the sharks) can login to check detail. Lml and uml can be both angels and devils, connected if not the same.
All of our personal details are in the cemetery when we asked for loan. Amount borrowed may not be in. Remember they always say they will make you famous. Thouught they can have the upperhand.
I dont think anyone can cripple it . Not even the police . So what if they(police) can see and know.

Thats why I said we are fxxking with shadow.
There is no point offending them .
Its best to get away from their radar.
When we are destroyed, start new.
True enough. Just ignore them completely and move on. Triggering them wont do us anyone good either. Just pray that everyone here survive out of this trauma as a wiser and stronger person.
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