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AhMa. You have a point la.
About ahlong and scam destroying business. Its dog eat dog world . Nobody f-carre whats happening in front of them.

No need think for them la.
We just help our bros and sis as much as can be.
Especially those who are soft victims. Parting away thousands out of fear for a few hunddred " borrowed" on unagreed terms is something I hate.
Ha ha ha, that is just a part crezy mimd created of me, but anyway I know I can't do much but only hope youngsters LS will have fun when they have free time.

Scam is not so scary more than real loan you have face, you guy should know yourself that how many loan you carry. And which ones you must settled first.

Come back to reality of loan that you really take from them and can't run away. Think twice how to settle.
Think twice for next steps.

I slowly settle them one by one, and this is real life I need to scared more than scam.
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