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Piggy , listen to bro coke. Do all of the below.

We are not wrong. Dont waste your breath with them . Dont be soft. Spend the miney on your family.
I also kena from them on defer payment. Of course I f them la. Defer what ? My Lampa la.

My advise.. not to pay... Block and report... Remove whatsapp image deactivate fb and othe sosial media account... I was once in ur shoe too... Get urself a cctv... Get approval... Talk to ur superiors and brace for harrasments.... Imagine the worst case senario and come out with a plan how u going to counter it. Deferment loan is surely scam.... Best still change ur contact number..

Stop paying... It might be a small amount but remember... Its x3 from where we come.

This is my advise... Its entirely up to you to make a decision.
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