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Just based on their pattern say what no account and make you defer already prove they wont let you settle. Even if they give you account, they can say you bank wrong, no receive, must deposit cannot onlkne, all sorts of rubbish. So just stop payment. Run one or run many is the same. Better you keep money for yourself

Bro and Sis...last time i have 2 LS loan....1 is loan LS and 2 installment phone loan....the installment loan is now already make report police and block the 1 loan LS....last 5 day when i wan make $450 payment and close account...then he say didnt have bank account and defer $150...i make the payment is the day is he will text and ask me do a payment...can asking all bro and sis....if i asking can i make full payment and close the account...and he still say didnt have bank account and ask me to defer again....should i go report police again and block it?
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