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You have a great story.
I lost 200 in scam . Took 400 paid 600 . That was agreed. Their other fking demand , got a good f from me. Disturbed me 2-3 weeks . They tired after talking to wall.

Make your heart strong first, I know beside pay or not pay is not the real problem... Ask yourself first what is the problems you worried most.

1,no money to pay
2,afried effect your job
3,afried your NOK to find out that you using their name

This 3 reasons you have to get answers for yourself first

For my case of scam, all 3 reasons I won't scared, I have money to pay them but after Reed all story here I decided to sent back at 1st payment than start to face the problems.

I make police report immediately and show my NOK because I know I can't hidden this thing for so long, of course my NOK was very angry but if I decided not pay them I need to tell my NOK the truth.

About my job, not affected but I decided to resigh to take a break by myself. And yet I have new job immediately after resigh, so I not worried.

Feed them no use, time goes, your money goes, stop today your money still with you. Even though you pay how many time, you will end up same thing as all friends here.
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