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Dear laojiaos, my car has always been serviced by AD but now into the 4th year.

On hot days, aircon on first ignition will be underpowered. My issue here is with the hot air blowing out, definitely feels different from when I first purchased the car. After the engine has been switched on for a while (~15-20mins) then will the cooling function kick in.

Does it make sense to get the workshop to look at it? If so, i'm considering Syarikat Fuji Car Cooler from some bros advice here.

Glad to get your advice..
Volvo S60 D2
Syarikat Fuji Car Cooler or Sheng Auto. Both did on my aircon before. Distance wise if you head in via Woodlands, Then Syarikat Fuji Car Cooler, else Sheng Auto is like 20- 30mins drive away from JB custom.

Note: Sheng Auto will be closed for CNY from 4th Afternoon and back 13th Feb.

Gonna fast hands and legs, get it fixed up before JB wkshps close for the CNY.
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