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Thx you all bro and sis advise...i will following all advise bro and sis gv to me...can i asking bro and sis 1more question?if wan install cctv...where i can report and apply camera or i buy 1 camare and install myself cause i living is HDB below level...
If you apply thru town council may need some time for approval. I suggest you just install first if your neighbours dont complain, they wont bother you also.
Can find at sim lim, carousell, q10 and etc. Just google la bro. Install them yourself save alot of $$. So long the camera is facing your gate shouldnt be a problem. Whatever it is you need to stay strong and dont think too much about what they will do. Just be prepared and then live life as per normal. Being paranoid also wont help you out that much.

Good luck and keep on fighting okay? 💪
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