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Hi im new here. Im NOK yeah im in a trouble also. Because of this harras i've paid them 2k due to close case. I asked them any black/white n they told me yes. Once i did the payment they said i check! After a mins receive message i need to pay another big amount to close account. Wat is tis! N after tat i blocked. In a few mins i received a message n they start to harm me. N now i blocked again d other new number. My heart is really pain that amount i've paid flew away only just like tat! N now i read all tis forum really make me calm. In d 1st place i should listen to him dun pay them stop paying them. But i dun wanna listen. But im still worry anytime/anyday they will harm again! N here i would liked to inform the future NOK please stop paying, it will never end and they can really create a lot of stories to pay tat n tis. Instead he just loan a few hundred dollars n up we paying them thousands over. Dun easily get into their messages! I hope everyone here we are safe.. May God bless Us..
It will never end. Have you made a police report?

If you are the NOK, I believe they only have your number and nothing else.

Since you have made the transfer and I believe you had also shown them your bank slip for the transfer with your account details, I would suggest you close that account.

Donít bother about their msgs, just block. If you want to, change number and they can never find you again and you donít have to go through the anxiety of receiving calls or msgs.
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