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It will never end. Have you made a police report?

If you are the NOK, I believe they only have your number and nothing else.

Since you have made the transfer and I believe you had also shown them your bank slip for the transfer with your account details, I would suggest you close that account.

Donít bother about their msgs, just block. If you want to, change number and they can never find you again and you donít have to go through the anxiety of receiving calls or msgs.
My husband did d police report. But me not. Oh u mean i nid to change account no too? Cos i only use deposit machine to transfer them. And i've checked d slip frm there's no stated account is blank. Yesterday there's a guy under d void deck n look very suspicious too once in the noon and once in d afternoon n i did report to police. Im scared to leave my house from now onwards. So far i dun get anymore message frm them. But i just need to be extra careful once i leave the house!! Cos once i spoken to them on fone for the 1st deal they did mention they can find my children all n my area here a lot of his people. They can just did anything to Us!! May God Bless Us.
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