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I agreed with bro messup. Cut it off while u still have some money left for yourself. Sorry to say this but if u pay... Means u showing them u are an easy target and u are scared of them... CNY coming... They also want more money.... U want to give or u want to keep for your own?

In regards of cctv...that 150sgd can get decent one... sg u mus get approval from TC. But buy first install first.

Facebook instagram tiktok twitter all buang first.... Nobody will die with few months no sosial media.

This is sg... U dont have to be so paranoid or afraid of scammers.....

Im the one after 3+ months still looking over my back... my issue cross border....

It is not a surprise to many of us here. Actually, it was spelled out front to you if you had gone through this forum.

But it’s surprising that you did not report this case as well, you hoping that they will give you an easy way out?

They instill in our fear and will come up with millions of reasons the account CANNOT be closed.

How many more defers can you make for them? And based on the credibility of their words, do you think you can clear in the next 5 days? You have the answer already, cut all the wishful thinking and stop it now.
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