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My husband did d police report. But me not. Oh u mean i nid to change account no too? Cos i only use deposit machine to transfer them. And i've checked d slip frm there's no stated account is blank. Yesterday there's a guy under d void deck n look very suspicious too once in the noon and once in d afternoon n i did report to police. Im scared to leave my house from now onwards. So far i dun get anymore message frm them. But i just need to be extra careful once i leave the house!! Cos once i spoken to them on fone for the 1st deal they did mention they can find my children all n my area here a lot of his people. They can just did anything to Us!! May God Bless Us.
If it’s just cash deposit then it’s ok.

But is it a loan scam or loan shark? Who is the one that got into this made you NOK?

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